Campbell’s Sweets: A Sour Subject

Would you like a side of sex with your ice cream?

Lennan & Smallsy Comics operates on one guiding principle: no place, person or story will be written without a purpose. In the beginning, Campbell’s Sweets & Treats had no purpose. It was just a place of recreation.

But what if it was also a place of education?

That’s when things transformed.

Domestic violence has an ugly face. It stirs up images of dark rooms, bruises and gloomy looking women. Aesthetically, it’s a turn-off. But a nice old man giving sweets to young boys couldn’t be anything more than postcard picture pleasant.


Sometimes I experiment. I put characters together, and see what comes out. Well, one day I put a pinch of Justine with a dash of Mr Campbell, stirred it and sniffed. What did I smell?

Sexual exploitation.

Campbell’s Sweets & Treats looks at exploitation. I draw parallels between the addictiveness of sugar and the indulgent consumption of exploitative material. Most of all, I look at what it teaches boys about women, and how to treat them.

Initially, Campbell’s was a local shop with ice cream and candy. Now it’s a shop with ice cream and eye candy. So what can a bunch of addictive eye candy teach us about domestic violence?

Read the Justine and Campbell comics, where I’ll show you that some sweets are more sour than you think.

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