Justine’s name came from my novel

Well, my unfinished novel.

The story is about a young brunette girl escaping from a violent ex-partner named Greg. (Fun fact: there are no ‘Gregs’ in Lennan and Smallsy; at least, not by that name).

Justine from my novel was gutsy and confident, but she hid her fears behind a friendly facade. I planned the Justine in Lennan and Smally Comics to have a similar personality, minus the fearful neurosis. (She’s still a child, so it hasn’t developed yet. And hopefully it never will).

Not long after starting the novel, I came up with the idea for Lennan and Smallsy Comics.The moment I conceived of Lennan as a character, I was too excited to do anything else, so I put the novel aside.

Will I ever resume writing it?

Probably not. But I’ll never say never.

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