Justine’s got a secret purpose

In my pre Lennan and Smallsy days, I could often be heard making snide remarks about feminism.

Yep. That’s right. Ending embarrassing confession………………………………. now.


What was my prior beef with feminism? Well, most of what I’d heard about feminism, (I hate the word, but I’m forced to use it, for reasons I may save for a future post), led me to believe that, as a girl, you were either feminINE or a feminIST. They were mutually exclusive.

And I hated that.

Throughout the years, I’ve heard a lot of negative things about the pressures placed on women to look a certain way. It seems pretty well imprinted on the social psyche. If you want to be liked and accepted as a female, you should look like ‘this.’ (Insert random arbitrary opinion).

But at some point I also became aware of another pressure… a pressure that said, “If you want to be taken seriously as someone that cares about women, and about important ideals in general, then you’d better look like ‘THIS.’ (Cue my worst visual nightmare).


What to do about this to-do?


When I created her, I wanted her to look sweet and girly. I gave her pink shoes, a pink undershirt and a nice little pleated dress that was modelled after a school uniform. At first glance, she might seem to conform to traditional values that say, “girls should be seen and not heard.”

Until you try to step on her.

I’m all for strong female characters. I understand the intention behind them. But I get peeved when I see works that imply that strong women only look like they dig in a ditch all day, and that weak women waft about in high heels and hair curlers.

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