Lennan & Smallsy Comics Volume 1

Lennan and Smallsy are like chalk and cheese. Smallsy is a happy young boy, while Lennan is angry and troubled. Lennan’s dad is abusive, and Lennan bears this dark burden alone. Well, almost. Smallsy and his family bring light and comfort to Lennan, while everyone waits to see whether or not he turns out just like his dad.

Get to know the characters of Lennan and Smallsy


Lennan is a troubled boy. The son of a powerful policeman, he longs to follow in his dad’s career footsteps. His romantic relationship with Justine is frustrating, as he struggles to gain her deference. The only ray of happiness comes from his best friend Smallsy. Tense and brooding, Lennan is forever torn between his dad’s influence and others who care about him. Lennan faces choice after choice that will shape him into the man he will become.


Smallsy is a beacon of light. Best friend to Lennan and son to progressive parents Derek and Arianna, Smallsy’s not your average schoolboy. Discerning and compassionate, Smallsy emotionally supports Lennan while pondering how he can make a difference in the world. His relationship with love interest Grace tests his character in a way he never expected. This boy is a shining example of what a strong, healthy home life can produce.


Justine is a sweet girl with a hard head. She works part time for Mr Campbell, and has an on-again, off again romance with Lennan. Justine confronts big challenges in her work life and relationship, but she faces these with courage and assertiveness. Justine can show the world that being pretty doesn’t mean you’re a pushover.


Grace is a sad girl with a tragic secret. Shy and withdrawn, she forms a trusting relationship with Smallsy, in whom she eventually confides her secret. Grace can show the world that it is possible to recover from the most terrible childhood wounds.


Milton is a formidable foe. Seething over a perceived injustice, he takes out his rage on Lennan and Smallsy. With his dad behind bars, Milton’s world collapsed. Bitter and vengeful, Milton takes it upon himself to balance the scales of justice, no matter the cost.


Tobias is the laid back classmate of Lennan and Smallsy. His carefree attitude and moral nonchalance causes tension with Smallsy. Not a fan of pressure, Tobias never takes sides, and will sacrifice almost anything on the alter of keeping the peace.


Husband to Arianna and father of Smallsy, Derek is a top guy with a terrific attitude. With Arianna manning the money ship, Derek dedicates his time to being a man that his son can look up to. With cooking skills and a buoyant temperament, this guy is the full package. 


Mother of Smallsy and wife to Derek, Arianna is a powerhouse. Driven and outgoing, this working woman brings home the money and the motherly love. Her warmth and confidence have earned her the respect and admiration of her family and a small community that are lucky enough to know her. 


Stern and unyielding, this father is a force to be reckoned with. A top member of the police force, he brings his love of power into the home he shares with his son Lennan and wife Mrs Richards. Both feared and despised by Lennan, it isn’t easy being his son. Or his wife. 

Mrs Richards

Wife to Lionel and mother of Lennan, this woman is a delicate flower. Assertive she isn’t, this stay-at-home mum bears a toxic burden. Quiet and modest, Mrs Richards tends the house and raises Lennan as best she can in her tense and turbulent home. 

Ms Jemima

Ms Jemima is a stalwart at the local primary school. Clever and curious, this stand up lady cares for her students, especially those who struggle outside the classroom. Her concern for Lennan extends to his mother, who, despite not being one of her pupils, is still someone that Ms Jemima wants to help.

Mr Campbell

Mr Campbell is the local confectioner. He’s smooth in speech and highly courteous, but all isn’t as it seems. Popular and respected by kids and adults, Mr Campbell sees the value in his employee Justine; so much so that he knows just how to use it to make bank.


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