Live Learn Change Comics Volume 1

Three men undertake a behaviour change program to change their abusive ways. Counsellor Nathan faces struggles and setbacks as he guides these men, all while coming to terms with an enormous challenge of his own.

Get to know the characters of Live Learn Change Comics


Dwight is the youngest participant in Live Learn Change. Boyfriend to Zoe and young father to Jordan, Dwight is fond of beer and prone to violent outbursts. He is a constant wild card in his family’s lives.


Wealthy and well-educated, Ethan thinks he’s a cut above everyone else. Husband to Cynthia, Ethan’s bitter sarcasm makes him a thorn in counsellor Nathan’s side.


Mild-mannered and seemingly harmless, Lloyd is a master of deceit and manipulation. Highly skilled at presenting himself as a victim, Lloyd is the husband of Helen and father to Reuben and Stacey.


Rowdy and outspoken, Zoe is Dwight’s girlfriend and young mother to Jordan. With her gritty ways and feisty spirit, Zoe refuses to submit to control.


Smart and stylish, Cynthia is uptight and perfectionistic. Married to Ethan, her brittle nature hides insecurity and a will that’s prone to crack under pressure.


Wife to Lloyd and mother to Reuben and Stacey, Helen is riddled with grief. Meek and self-effacing, Helen undergoes a transformation when she starts seeing counsellor Nathan.


Jordan is Dwight’s and Zoe’s infant son. With his stormy and unpredictable dad, Jordan rides a roller coaster of emotions. He fights a constant battle to claim a sense of safety in the midst of a home marked by fear and violence.


The eldest child of Lloyd and Helen, Reuben is a teen with an attitude. Ever angry at his abusive dad, Reuben fights to maintain a relationship with his younger sister Stacey, whose continued loyalty to Lloyd is a constant wedge between them.


Stacey is Helen’s and Lloyd’s sweet-natured preteen. At odds with her mum and older brother Reuben, Stacey clings to an ideal of her dad, who constantly exploits this to divide the family further and further.


The counsellor in charge of men’s behaviour change program Live Learn Change, Nathan is a tortured man. Facing constant resistance from the participants, his persistence and cleverness make him a formidable challenge to Dwight, Ethan and Lloyd. After suffering a huge personal loss, Nathan is determined to change these abusive men, and erase the guilt from a fatal mistake that he made in the past.


Stella was Nathan’s sister. Young, outgoing and beautiful, Stella was cut down in the prime of her life. The tragedy of her life and loss spurred Nathan on to become a counsellor so determined to reform violent men that he’d leave a legacy of change in his wake.


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