When I first started Lennan and Smallsy Comics, I was going to portray Lennan as a troubled boy in constant danger of following in his abusive father Lionel’s footsteps. Smallsy was going to be the ‘angel’ on his shoulder who tried to persuade Lennan to change his choices and attitude.

But very early on, I scrapped that.


The answer lies in the power of creative writing.

When writers create a fully fleshed out character, they entertain the possibility that such a person can exist in reality. This give audiences something they can relate and aspire to.

Now, Smallsy still functions as the voice of reason. But by developing him into a complete character, I can better convince audiences that boys like him exist, or they can be created. With the powerful influence of a healthy, well adjusted dad like Derek, they can pass their values of gender equity and respect for women onto their sons.

Smallsy was always destined to be a role model for healthy masculinity. Now than he’s more than just an angel on Lennan’s shoulder, I can accomplish that goal much more effectively.

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