The caring bystander

Lennan & Smallsy Comics has two bystanders. One is Tobias. The other is Ms Jemima.

In the beginning, I wrote Ms Jemima as a counter voice to Lennan’s sexism. She initially filled in part time for Smallsy by trying to guide Lennan away from the toxic attitudes he picked up from his dad Lionel. However, I’ve since realised that her potential as a character is far greater than that. 

While documenting the horrors and consequences of domestic violence, I also devote my time to crafting role models for which people can aspire to emulate. Ms Jemima is my symbol for how concerned citizens can be of help to women and children in domestic violence households. Her values, attitudes and tenacity are going to be held up and made an example of.

So between teaching at school, Ms Jemima will also moonlight as a role model for how bystanders can jump off the fence and lend a hand to anyone they feel is in need of it. 

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