The home is a classroom too

When the books are closed and the pencils put down, Lennan’s still learning. 

Ms Jemima knows this.

Most teachers are tasked with helping their students to learn. History, English, maths, geography, arts, language, the list goes on. My comic strip ‘The Problem’ shows how the stress at home has caused Lennan’s grades to slip. Technically, Ms Jemima is supposed to help Lennan get his grades up, and must do so amidst his chaotic home environment. 

But what about his other grades? 

At the moment, Lennan does poorly with most academic subjects. But at home he’s learning a bunch of lessons that he’s going to remember for the rest of his life. And they’re not good ones…

In her quest to help Lennan, Ms Jemima will tackle the subject of blame, accountability and will even brave the precarious waters of forging a bond with the lady at the centre of the crisis – Mrs Richards.

Lennan’s learning lessons that will set him up for life. How can we possibly change that?

If you think you know how, share your master plan with me here.

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