Lennan and Smallsy’s character designs stem down to truths about domestic violence.

Domestic violence is prevalent. Therefore, there are likely more Lennans than Smallsys in the world, if you get my drift. Therefore, I made Lennan chubby. There is more of him, both literally and metaphorically, so this is one way I could communicate the show’s themes visually without him even saying a word.

Now children from happy homes with healthy patriarchs are probably rarer. Therefore, I made Smallsy thin. He and his kind are a scarce commodity, so it makes sense that there’d be less of him.

Aside from choosing body types, my main aim was to make Lennan and Smallsy look different. Their physical differences would offset their character differences, not to mention their vastly different home lives. They are cartoon versions of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, which in this case reads as, ‘one has a good father’ and ‘one does not.

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