Tobias is the scariest character

No, I haven’t had a stroke.

In a series that dissects domestic violence, the answer to “who’s the scariest character,” is clearly Lionel. The abuser.

While that makes obvious sense, I’m also thinking about the question holistically. And when you do, the not-so-obvious answer to who we should fear the most is Tobias.

At first glance, this sounds like nonsense. Keen readers will remember Tobias as the chilled out flip flop wearer who doesn’t get flustered about anything. If Tobias had a motto, it would be, “nothing’s worth getting too upset about.”

This is an awesome adage if you live at the beach. Or a tropical oasis. Or any other bubble out of society. But in the case of Lennan and Mrs Richards, taking this chilled out spirit into the wrong context can cause some broken hearts.

Broken bodies, too.

I created Tobias to showcase the danger of detachment, apathy and an “it’s not my problem” attitude. Every time someone shrugs their shoulders with indifference to domestic violence, kids like Lennan and women like Mrs Richards suffer a little more each time. And men like Lionel get away with a little more each time.

Guys like Lionel can do scary stuff. I won’t list everything that he’s capable of. But what’s scarier than a man who exploits his power at the expense of his family?

A community that looks the other way about it.

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