Lennan and Smallsy is a combination of two things I love.

One… my love of cartoons and creative writing.

Two… my passion for raising awareness of domestic violence.

Those two got together, had a baby and the result was Lennan and Smallsy Comics.

Now I blend story with education and themes with character to craft a series that explores domestic violenc, while implicitly crafting a cure for it.

Wait, there’s a cure?

That’s right.

But first things first…

How often do you see or hear anything to do with domestic violence, unless it’s reports of a death? Or statistics? Or more deaths, and more statistics? The news has cornered the real estate on the subject, and while it serves an obvious function, unfortunately many people just tune off to it. Why?

Because it’s boring.

As terrible as it is, the countless deaths of women and children is boring. Not to me! And maybe not to you. But to the majority, it’s just another news bulletin. Why does this happen?

People become desensitised to what they hear over and over. People also have a tendency to detach from everyday reality, and to look for escapes that help them do so. Women dying? Children dying? Families torn apart? All real things that happen. All boring. It’s terrible, but true, and people probably try to tune off to it.

But Lennan and Smallsy?

It’s fiction.

If you’ve got an eye on the creative sphere, you’ll notice that people get very attached to stories. And characters. Think about your favourite book, movie or TV show, and then read up on what people say about it. It’s almost as if people care more about the fate of some fictional characters than they do about things in real life! (Take it from me – I’m still recovering from the end of Better Call Saul).

So, what do we do about it?

My goal is to drag family and domestic violence into the entertainment sector using cartoons and creative writing. The cartoonosphere is full to bursting with clever comics lampooning politics, racism, capitalism, existentialism and tons of other present day dilemmas. (And I love them all)! But I’ve never found a single one that solely addresses family and domestic violence in any kind of depth.

Rather than wait for someone else to do it, I thought, “Stuff it. I’ll start!” And the rest is history.

Now about that cure…

Long term readers and serious scrutinisers will recognise hints, details and little easter eggs in my cartoons that will shape their mind around the concept for a cure.

Think you’ve spotted one? Tell me what it is by emailing here.

Why did I bother with a cure?

Because great as it is to plumb the depressing depths of what domestic violence does to women, children and communities, it’s even better if it comes packaged with a proposal for change. And no, I’m not too cynical to think this isn’t possible.

What about you?

Do you think it’s possible?

Tell me why/why not here.

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