Why write a comic about a men’s behaviour change program?

Most people will never see the inside of these programs. For one thing, their scarcity and little-known presence makes them a bit of a mystery. Without an inside view to these programs, or the men who take them, the world’s understanding of domestic violence remains steeped in confusion and myth. Therefore, it’s fair to say that the only people who truly know what abusive men can be like are their victims.

So if society remains ignorant, and domestic violence stays swathed in taboo, how can anything change for the better?

Enter Live Learn Change Comics.

Like it’s predecessor Lennan & Smallsy Comics, Live Learn Change concerns itself with all things domestic abuse. While going even further into the subject, Live Learn Change brings readers on a journey with three abusive men who undertake a behaviour change program. Readers get brief snapshots into the life and lies of these men as they navigate relationships with their spouses and children, while being challenged on their behaviour at every turn.

Why does the world need to know about these icky goings-on behind closed doors?

Because if they don’t, then the world will never know about these icky goings-on behind closed doors.

Readers get an unflinching look at program participants Dwight, Ethan and Lloyd. Though their personalities and backgrounds differ, these men carry unmistakeable similarities of thought and attitude. By cutting through the common misconceptions and surface level differences in abuse cases, readers will be get a deep glimpse into what drives violence against women. They will also become privy to the many manipulations that abusers use to retain control of their victims, while keeping others in the dark about it.

By basing the story in a therapeutic setting, readers get a view into the psychology of abusers and the social mores that reinforce them. With all its nuance, domestic violence can be a tricky topic to grasp. Live Learn Change Comics offers quick, explicit insights into all the components, while bypassing the sprawling mess of data that can confuse and overwhelm.

Coming up with the title was easy. For ‘Live Learn Change’ refers not just to the comic, but to the actual behaviour change program itself. A reinvention on the old saying, ‘you live and you learn,’ the last word ‘change’ alludes to the ironic yet desperately sought after goal of the program. And the goal is for these men to change.

Most people live and learn from life. But only some people change.

And it is change that’s explored in this comic.

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